uowang Zhang , Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to Xiangcheng and Longwen District for investigation
发布时间:2022-09-22 11:14:32

Accurate and precise assistance to enterprises

Focus on accelerating development

Zhang Guowang went to Xiangcheng and Longwen District to investigate the work of helping enterprises

On September 20,Guowang Zhang , Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, led a team to Xiangcheng District and Longwen District to investigate and help enterprises, emphasizing the need to earnestly study and implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping Xi's important speech, and fully implement "the epidemic must be prevented, the economy must be stabilized, and the "Development must be safe", focusing on improving efficiency, improving effectiveness, and improving benefits, continuing to deepen the "thousands of cadres linked to thousands of enterprises" assistance activities, do everything possible to help enterprises solve difficult problems, provide service guarantees with heart and emotion.Cultivate,develop and expand "specialized, special and new" enterprises, provide strong momentum for the all-round promotion of high-quality development, and take practical actions to welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.


Guowang Zhang encouraged the person in charge of the enterprise to further strengthen the confidence and determination to develop under the premise of normalized epidemic prevention and control, give full play to the unique advantages, expand the international and domestic markets, speed up the pace of technological innovation, improve the level of intelligent management, comprehensively promote transformation and upgrading, and continue to do Big and strong enterprises.

To implement the policy of benefiting enterprises, strictly implement the national policies such as tax reduction and fee reduction, tax rebates, and exemption from application, so as to effectively stimulate the vitality of market players. Low-utility land and ineffective land create favorable conditions for the development and growth of enterprises.

To optimize the business environment, continue to deepen the reform of "delegating power, delegating power and improving services", strengthen digital empowerment, minimize links, certification, and time, and effectively make data run more and companies run less errands, and strive to create a company that can do things, do things quickly, and reduce time. The convenience of getting things done in Zhangzhou.

To accelerate industrial development, unswervingly highlight industries and make breakthroughs in industries, carry out in-depth "Industrial Development Project Construction Tackling Year" activities and "Seven-to-One Look" competitions, carefully implement the "100 Billion Industry Cultivation Action Plan", and focus on leading, Forge chains, build clusters, strengthen investment promotion, and strive to attract more high-quality industrial projects with high investment intensity, high taxation per mu, and strong driving ability, so as to contribute more to stabilizing the economic market of our city.

  •                                                                                       City leaders  Zhuowen Liao,

    Shaojin Lin to participate in the investigation.