SAC/TC 160"Quartz clock" + "quartz watch" working group first meeting held in Zhangzhou
发布时间:2022-08-18 13:53:19

        From August 9 to 10, 2022, the first working group meeting of SAC/TC 160/WG 2 "Quartz clock" + SAC/TC 160/WG 1 "Quartz Watch" was held in Zhangzhou by the National Technical Committee on Clocks and Watches of Standardization. Twenty-eight people attended the meeting, including Yanmin Wang, Vice Chairman and Secretary general of the National Technical Committee on Clocks and Watches Standardization, Sandong Lin, President of Zhangzhou Clocks and Watches Industry Association, and members, Yueming Shao, chairman of Zhangzhou Hengli Electronics Co., LTD., and members, representatives of clocks representatives of clocks and watches standardization and technical experts from all over the country. The conference is co-organized by Zhangzhou Clock & Watch Industry Association and Zhangzhou Hengli Electronics Co., LTD.


       According to the long-term testing practice and operation of quartz clock/watch products and comprehensive analysis of a large number of test data, combined with the current technical development of quartz clock/watch products:

      (1) It is suggested to carry out the preliminary revision and development of the related standards of quartz clock products (GB/T 6046 "pointer quartz clock" and GB/T 22779 "liquid crystal Quartz clock");

     (2) It is recommended to carry out preliminary revision and development of quartz watch product standards (GB/T 6044 "pointer type Quartz watch" and GB/T 22780 "liquid crystal type Quartz watch").


       Meeting centered on quartz clock instantaneous day/average instantaneous test method, the temperature coefficient,voltage coefficient, the hour and minute hand coordination, reliability requirements, battery replacement cycle, vibration resistance, moisture resistant to the project such as discussion, the meeting will be in accordance with the meeting discussions and Suggestions to further perfect the revision of the standard plan, Actively promote the above several standards of preliminary revision research and development work.